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Strategic Plan

The Way Forward, the Faculty of Medicine’s strategic plan, is conceived as a living document,
the product of wide-ranging, ongoing consultation in the Faculty of Medicine.

The plan evolved from Charting our Course, the strategic planning process begun in 2006.
The themes it identified have guided the development of The Way Forward. The plan and its 12-month priorities complement and support the overall strategic plan of Dalhousie University.

The Way Forward, captured as a two-page document is posted here.

So far the consultative process has included:

  • A series of innovative, inclusive retreats involving representatives from the clinical and basic science departments and the Dean’s Office.

Venues for continuing input:

  • The dean’s faculty luncheons, starting in late March.
  • Reflections on the strategic plan, as part of the mandated process for the current Faculty of Medicine Self-Study. This review is under way for the Dalhousie University Senate.