Strategic Plan Introduction 


#DalMedForward represents a new strategic directions for Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine as it executes its mission as the medical school for the Maritime Provinces.

This plan was developed after an extensive consultation process that included students, staff, and faculty within the Faculty of Medicine as well as partner stakeholders. It is built upon three pillars: education, research and serving and engaging society. This plan outlines seven priority areas along with the targeted outcomes and activities required to achieve these outcomes. 

#DalMedForward stipulates that for a medical school to be great we need to do more than provide an excellent education for our students and do leading curiosity driven research; although these priorities remain very important, necessary and are highlighted in the plan. 

#DalMedForward speaks to the societal role of our school. How we are to meet the health, education and service needs of the Maritime Provinces? How do we address the unique challenges of our region and ensure that our graduates are meeting our community needs?

#DalMedForward speaks to new priority areas for our medical school, system change and community engagement. It also speaks to a better path forward for a modern medical school that is celebrating its 150th year existance in 2018. 

I sincerely hope you give #DalMedForward a good read and provide us with feedback and thoughts.  


David Anderson
Dean, Dalhousie Medical School