The Planning Process

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee has been overseeing development of the medical school’s strategic direction. The committee’s emphasis has been – and will continue to be – on faculty, staff and learner ownership, and widespread awareness of the emerging strategy.

How do we move from strategic plan to operational reality? That process is underway, under the leadership of Dr. David Anderson, dean of medicine.

It includes:

  • Aligning the medical school's budget and plans with our education, research, and serving & engaging society mandate;
  • Ensuring that goals are integrated across academic and administrative units;
  • Providing a structure that enables clear and efficient decision making.

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee will:

  • Continue to provide oversight to the planning process
  • Form implementation teams and provide them with mandates
  • Create an evaluation plan and monitor progress
  • Sustain the emphasis on engaging faculty and staff, and on consulting with learners and communities as we proceed through implementation


  • David Anderson, dean of medicine
  • Diane Gorsky, associate dean, operations & policy
  • Jennifer Hall, associate dean, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
  • Jennifer Lewandowski, communications manager
  • Wayne Marsh, consultant
  • Tanya Matheson, evaluation specialist
  • Chris McMaster, professor & head, pharmacology
  • David Petrie, professor & head, emergency medicine
  • Joanne Power, director, performance & accountability
  • Darrell White, senior associate dean, education