Strategic Planning milestones

Winter 2017

Project groups working on detailed project plan for implementation of priority initiatives

November 2016

Town Hall to update faculty, staff, students and partners on implementation plan

October 2016

Proposed implementation strategy presented at the annual retreat, which included key internal and external stakeholder representatives.

Summer/Fall 2016


Key partners will continue to be consulted as working groups develop implementation plans that include targets and timelines. The organizational, fiscal and operational supports needed to support implementation will also be identified.

June 2016

Faculty Meeting

Strategic plan endorsed at annual faculty meeting.

April 2016

Town Hall Sessions, Surveys, Submissions

Steering committee members and working group leaders used town hall sessions, surveys and written submissions to engage faculty, staff and learners throughout the Maritimes in the strategic planning process.

Fall/Winter 2015

Working Groups

Over a five-month period, working groups scanned the environment for significant issues and trends; developed retreat findings into consolidated areas of focus for each identified theme; proposed goals, component outcomes and priority initiatives.

October 2015


Retreat further engaged these leaders, generating a high-level planning mandate.

Summer/Fall 2015


Four exploratory surveys captured insights from department heads and assistant & associate deans.