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Awards & Recognition

Award-winning educators

Our dedicated faculty and staff work hard to ensure that, as a medical student or resident, you receive an education that helps you become a compassionate, efficient and accurate physician.

Over the years, a large number of our faculty and staff have received national and international awards recognizing and celebrating their excellence. We’re proud of everything they’ve achieved.

Our achievements


Dr. Karen Mann

Dr. T.J. (Jock) Murray

Dr. Wendy Stewart


Dr. Fiona Bergin

Ms. Diane Gorsky

Dr. Jean Gray

Dr. Ronald Stewart

Dr. T.J. (Jock) Murray

Ms. Roxy Pelham

  • 2013 Collaborator of the Year Award, Dalhousie Medical School

Dr. Gerri Frager

Dr. Karen Mann


Dr. Wendy Stewart

Dr. T. J. (Jock) Murray

Dr. Karen Mann

Dr. Joan Sargeant


Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Dr. Ron Stewart

Dr. Karen Mann

Dr. Lara Hazelton