Communication Skills Workshops

An introduction to communication skills

Our workshops are for Faculty of Medicine members and physicians. You will receive condensed training in various areas of communications skills.

Workshop topics

Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback is central to the teaching-learning process as it plays an unequivocal role in guiding and ensuring that learners acquire the necessary knowledge, clinical skill and professional attitudes for competent practice. The focus of this workshop is to work with participants to enhance their skill in giving feedback and supporting learners to seek feedback.

Working With the Challenging Learner

The learner in difficulty poses significant challenges for clinicians in their role as teachers. This workshop builds on the “Giving Effective Feedback” workshop and introduces participants to additional information and skills that enable them to apply a systematic framework to identify learner difficulties and the steps involved in developing an intervention to assist the learner in difficulty.

Difficult Patient-Doctor Communication: Working With Clinical Experience

This workshop provides training to participants on how to deal with challenging patient-doctor communication: breaking bad news, handling anger, end-of-life care and many other difficult medical conversations.

The Three Cs of Interprofessional Team Work: Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Management

This skill-building workshop is designed to enhance the ability of participants to communicate effectively with members of an interprofessional health care team.

Disclosing Adverse Events

The disclosure of unanticipated outcomes is a skilled conversation with much at stake for patients and physicians. With the shift to a patient-centred focus, disclosing adverse events and apologizing to patients has become an ethical, legal and professional obligation. This presentation focuses on Dalhousie’s PAMAP Model for Disclosing Adverse Events to assist in this endeavor.

All workshops are offered by request with a minimum registration. Contact us for more information.