Communication skills training during residency

In residency, you’ll benefit from two annual communication skills teaching initiatives on patient-doctor communication:

  • In your first year, you’ll participate in a communication skills workshop consisting of a four-station OSCE (objective structured clinical exam) with challenging patient-doctor communication scenarios.

    Simulated patients provide you with verbal and written feedback on your communication skills performance for each OSCE practice case. Following the OSCE, physicians debrief you on the cases.

    Physicians also facilitate a skills practice session on patient-doctor communication during which you work on challenging patient-doctor communication scenarios you have encountered in your clinical experience.

  • International medical graduates (IMGs) will work on their patient-doctor communication skills during two full days of the two-week IMG orientation to Canadian medical care.
    Teaching/learning activities include:
    • a full group interactive session
    • agenda-led, outcome-based analysis sessions with simulated patients
    • four-station OSCE-like experience with verbal feedback provided by simulated patients

Workshops are available for residency programs that focus on skills specific to the your expanding role as teacher and collaborator. They relate to the CanMEDS's role of communicator (patient-doctor communication), collaborator (team dynamics and conflict management, and scholar (giving feedback, and teaching challenging learners).