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An international exchange of ideas

If you’re a mid-career faculty member of the Dalhousie Medical School, you won’t want to miss our International Medical Educators Exchange (IMEX). IMEX is made up of six international universities including Dalhousie, each with a strong emphasis on medicine and a desire to exchange best practices in medical education. These universities include:

What is IMEX?

Each of the six schools take turns hosting an intensive, one-week visit. Visits are held twice yearly. These meetings attract visiting scholars from the other participating universities as well as faculty from the host university. The resulting group of expert educators has the unique opportunity to  understand different systems and approach to education, to share knowledge and to participate in discussions designed to bring an international perspective to the practice of medical education.

The next Dalhousie IMEX visit is scheduled for October 26-30, 2015.

For more information, visit the IMEX website.