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T.J. Murray Visiting Scholar

Humanizing medicine

Whenever you’re working with people, it’s important to take their humanity into consideration. Medicine is no exception. That’s why the T.J. Jock Murray Visiting Scholar was established.

Left to right: Dr. Wendy Stewart (Medical Humanities-Heals Program Director), Dr. & Mrs. T.J. Murray, Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer (latest Murray lecturer) and Dr. David Anderson (Dean, Faculty of Medicine).

We want to help students and faculty better understand the link between medicine and the humanities by exposing them to drama, poetry, art photography, philosophy and ethics.

Upcoming/current lecture

In early November of 2015, Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer (second from the right in the picture above), our most recent lecturer in this series, gave a well-received public talk, had a conversation with faculty and students on residency education and had a breakfast discussion with our medical students. More information is available below.

Speaker:  TBA

Further information will be available once the next speaker and his/her topic are confirmed.  Please watch this page for further information.

Past lecturers

2015: Kenneth Ludmerer

Professor of Medical History, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA

  • Public Lecture: Residency Training in the United States and Canada: Past, Present and Future
  • Faculty Address: A Conversation about Residency Education

2014: Gary Block

Family physician, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, ON

  • Public Lecture: Activism, Activity Advocacy: How Your Family Doctor Might End Poverty
  • Faculty Address: Treating Social Diseases: A Practical Guide to Front Line Medical Interventions into Poverty

2013: Anne Basting

Director, University of Wisconson-Milwaukee’s Center on Aging and Community
Associate Professor, Peck School of the Arts

  • Documentary Film Screening: "Penelope: A Theatrical Odyssey"
  • Public Lecture: "This is the last important thing I will do: Finding Meaning in Late Life through the Arts"
  • Faculty Address: The Arts as a Catalyst for Collaborative Long Term Care

2011: Dafydd Williams

Former astronaut, Canadian Space Agency
President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre

  • Public Lecture: The Global Village: An Astronaut's Perspective
  • Faculty Address: Exploration - Relentlessly Seeking Knowledge with Passion

2010: Ronald A. Carson

Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, UTMB
Adjunct Professor, University of Texas

  • Public Lecture: Medicine as a Moral Practice
  • Faculty Address: Medical Humanities: Reading Medicine

2009: Jeff Turnbull

President-elect, Canadian Medical Association
Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

  • Public Lecture: Canada's Health Care System: Myths and Realities
  • Faculty Address: Health Care for Canada's Most Vulnerable

Earlier lecturers

A career in excellence

Dr. T.J. (Jock) Murray was our dean of Dalhousie Medical School from 1985-1992. He’s a world-renowned expert in multiple sclerosis research, medical humanities and medical history. He’s also the founder and first president of the Dalhousie Society for the History of Medicine, and has been recognized repeatedly for his achievements as a teacher, physician, researcher and historian. The T.J. Jock Murray Visiting Scholar Visit was established in his honour.