Visual Arts

A different point of view

When we mention Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But Da Vinci wasn’t just a legendary painter—he was also a groundbreaking anatomist. Not only was he the first person to accurately depict the human spine, he was also the first to realize that the human heart has four chambers—not two.

Da Vinci is the perfect example of what can be accomplished when medicine merges with the visual arts. His anatomical sketches are considered to be some of the most accurate, beautiful depictions available today. And without his artist’s eye, they wouldn’t exist.

Viewing and reflecting on art can help you become a better doctor! "How?" you may ask. Numerous research studies have clearly documented the enhancement of clinical observation in those who engage in viewing artistic works.

Our projects

Our Artist-in-Residence program, funded by the Robert Pope Foundation, makes it possible for us to offer you the opportunity to participate in a variety projects. Past projects have included: