Artist‑in‑Residence Program

Collaborating with local artists

The Artist-in-Residence initiative is a collaboration with our rich, local artistic community. Artists from a variety of disciplines engage with medical students and health professional trainees, medical faculty and staff, and patients and families throughout our community.

Our artists act as "art midwives” by facilitating the artistic expression of others. Such expression reflects the patients’ experiences, the lives lived of their caregivers, and the health professionals who care for them. These art projects are taken into our community care settings for the public to view.

Recent projects

An Anti-Depression Chamber Julie Adamson-Miller
X-ray Shelter Julie Adamson-Miller
Fruits of Labour-Fruits of Wellness
Miro Davis
The Caduceus Project: Expressing the Heart of the Healing Professions
Miro Davis
Heartline-Bloodline Don Rieder
Bird Murals Julie Adamson-Miller
Mandala: Reflective Pools of Wisdom Miro Davis
Strategies of Hope Ariella Pahlke
Weaving Anke Fox
Poetry, creative writing, song-writing Alex Hickey and Janet Barkhouse

Recent Artists-in-Residence

2015-2016 Carole Glasser Langille (author)
  Tanya Davis (author, poet, speaker, musician, videographer, actress)  
2014-2015 Kim Morgan (visual artist)
2013-2014 Anke Fox (weaver)
  Alex Hickey and Janet Barkhouse (singer/songwriter, poet)
  Ariella Pahlke (videographer)
2010-2012 Julie Adamson-Miller (sculptor, community artist)
  Miro Davis (sculptor, community artist)
  Don Rieder (performance artist)

Our Current Artists-in-Residence

Carole Glasser Langille is the author of four books of poetry, two collections of short stories and two children's books.  She has been nominated for The Governor General’s Award and the Atlantic Poetry Prize and was awarded the Established Artist Recognition Award in 2013 from Arts Nova Scotia.  A poem of hers has been chosen for Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2015. She has given workshops and readings in South Africa, India and France. She teaches Creative Writing at Dalhousie University.  Activity Report [PDF 189 kB]

Tanya Davis was the 2011/12 Poet Laureate of Halifax, NS. Her videopoem How to be Alone (made in collaboration with Andrea Dorfman) has had over 7 million views on YouTube,and was adapted into an illustrated book in October 2013, published by Harper Collins. She has been commissioned by CBC, The National Film Board of Canada, and Canada Games to pen poems and verse for radio, film, and live performance. She frequently collaborates across artistic genres and media. Tanya tours regularly and internationally as a poet, speaker, and musician and has released four albums and two books. She has written two solo stage shows and is ideveloping a multi-disciplinary production called Mass, a poetic and critical reimagining of the Catholic Liturgy. She recently played her first film role, starring in Andrea Dorfman's latest feature, Heartbeat, which premiered at TIFF in 2014. Activity Report [PDF 67 kB]

Interested in becoming an Artist-in-Residence?

A call for applications happens every year.  This year's call is now closed  

Thanks to our founders and funders

The Artist-in-Residence program was started by Dr. Jock Murray and built upon by Dr. Ron Stewart. Funding was initially provided by the Canada Council for the Arts and subsequently The Robert Pope Foundation. Future Artist-in-Residence funding will be provided by the Dr. Gerald and Gale Archibald Endowment.