Fruits of Labour‑Fruits of Wellness

by Miro Davis

This delightful collaboration was conceived by artist-in-residence and visual artist, Miro Davis. Fruits of Labour-Fruits of Wellness is now a permanent installation in the Health and Wellness Clinic on Dentist Road in Spryfield.

A collaborative community art project

Miro worked with faculty, staff and medical trainees from the clinic, residents from the nearby residential long-term care facility and expectant mothers from the IWK who were anticipating the birth of their newborn following a high-risk pregnancy.

Participants made fruit of their choosing out of clay and decorated them with images that represented wellness. Miro and her volunteers, along with support from IWK staff and physicians, also did belly casts of pregnant moms, who then decorated and painted a symbol of family meaning onto the clay casts. These casts formed grape clusters.