The Caduceus Project

by Miro Davis

The Caduceus Project is a large sculpture measuring 8.5' x 4.5' that has traveled to numerous galleries and medical education conferences across Canada. As a framework for the sculpture, Miro Davis used the image of Caduceus, which has a long history of representing the healing professions.

Hundreds of students, residents, faculty and staff from Dalhousie Medical School and the Faculty of the Health Professions carved sections of copper with images meaningful to them in response to the question: “What brought your heart to work in health care?”

Psychiatry residents and fellows contributed to the feathers on the wings of Caduceus, with one side reflective of their experience as a healer and the other side considering the patient’s lived experience. Raw clay was engraved with words and images of importance to them from clinical practice.

Patients and families also contributed to the feathers on the wings of Caduceus with words and images that they found supported them through their healthcare experience. 

Want to see the Caduceus Project?

It is on display in the Sir Charles Tupper Link Building next to Theatres A and B.

The Caduceus Project from Dalhousie University on Vimeo.