Community Collaborations

Working together to achieve more

In the Medical Humanities-HEALS program, we couldn’t accomplish all that we do without valuable community partners like:

Some of these organizations, like NSCAD and the 4cs Foundation, have members sitting on our committees, while others, like the Pope Foundation, support us by making annual donations.

Many of our partners support us by collaborating on projects that enhance the offerings of our programs. These valuable projects promote deep discussion and reflection while narrowing the gap between the academic environment and the communities we serve.

Recent collaborations

Exhibits at the AGNS: We’ve partnered with the AGNS on the Robert Pope exhibit, as well as an exhibit called Synaptic Connections, which examined the connection between art and the brain. During this exhibit, we:

  • offered presentations as part of the exhibit
  • developed a video for use during the exhibit
  • collaborated with one of the AGNS curators and educators
  • travelled to San Francisco to co-present with several faculty and medical students about the integration of art and health professional education

Theatre projects: Every year, we get involved in at least one play. These projects include:

  • Sarah Kane’s “4:48 Psychosis” with 2b Theatre is a play about severe depression. During the project, we participated in a panel discussion, supported the theater financially, and promoted the play to Dalhousie students and faculty in the health professions and medicine. We also incorporated visual art by working with Gillian McCulloch, an artist who chronicled the experience of severe depression through a series of paintings titled “Pandora's Box”.
  • A collaboration between our Art-in-Medicine program and 2b Theatre during “The Story of Mr. Wright”, a play exploring hope, truth-telling, significant illness, faith and the patient-physician relationship. Our contribution to this project included a hope-themed exhibit that was displayed alongside the play.
  • The play “How to Disappear Completely”, which involved an in-depth exploration of euthanasia and assisted suicide. We bought tickets for students and faculty from the health professions and medicine and participated in a panel following the play.
  • “Mama’s Boy”, a play that looked at the issues surrounding reproductive choices. This was a collaboration with community theatre group Bear and Co. We sponsored performances, purchased tickets for students, residents and faculty, and coordinated and participated in a panel discussion following the performance.

The Atlantic Film Festival: We purchased a number of tickets to the festival, making it possible for medical students to attend for free. We also coordinated a panel discussion that followed a health-related film that was showcased during the film festival.

Visual art exhibits: In 2013, the DART gallery hosted our Art-in-Medicine exhibit. We returned the favour by inviting the gallery owner to and attended our annual Quill and Stethoscope Brunch. The gallery also contributed several paintings to our silent auction fundraiser for the Humanities-HEALS program.

How can I get involved?

We’d love to have your help. If you’d like to get involved with one of our collaborations or our Artist-in-Residence program, watch for posters, email bulletins and event listings on our website.