Message from the Director

Enriching medical education

Welcome to the Dalhousie University Humanities-HEALS web page. The program is nationally and internationally recognized for the opportunities students have to be involved in music and the arts. The program was initiated in 1992 by Dr. Jock Murray and under the subsequent direction of Drs. Ron Stewart and Gerri Frager has continued to grow. The majority of opportunities are extracurricular with some integration in the core undergraduate medical curriculum. As part of our mandate to produce healthy, well-rounded physicians, the humanities can play a role in self reflection and care, the development of professional identity, an understanding of the role of other health professionals and the importance of community organizations and supports in patient care.

As we move forward we are looking to increase the humanities content throughout the curriculum, integrating it seamlessly with the biomedical content. If you have an interest in the humanities, look out for opportunities to participate in the program itself and in this process of integration. I look forward to meeting you!

-- Wendy Stewart, Director, Medical Humanities-HEALS


Dr. Wendy Stewart does a Q&A session with the Faculty of Medicine concerning her role as the new Medical Humanities-HEALS director