Broaden your horizons

At Dalhousie Medical School, we’ve found plenty of ways to use the humanities to enhance your medical training. Whether you’re at the Saint John or Halifax campus, you’ll have opportunities to explore your creative side, boost your memory and enhance your observational skills by attending events and classes in:

A well-rounded curriculum

As a medical student, the arts and humanities are part of your core curriculum. A few of our teaching tools include:

  • a verbatim play based on Ed's diary and interviews with friends, family and health professionals (Ed was a 16-year-old with advanced cancer)
  • the art of Robert Pope to help under the patient's experience
  • the option of a longitudinal or block elective in the humanities
  • activities for medical and health professional trainees and practitioners
  • a humanities-based Research in Medicine (RIM) research project
  • a summer studentship witih a humanities focus

Pandora's Box

Artist Gillian McCullouch chronicles living through severe depression with a series of paintings. This is just one example of how the arts and humanities can enhance educational content.

Learn more about integrating the arts and humanities into: