Customize your education

As a Dalhousie medical student, it’s easy to incorporate the humanities into your degree. Whether you choose to do a longitudinal or block elective, you have the option of enhancing your experience by combining your elective with a clinical component.

Elective options include projects on the history of medicine, such as:

  • a study of photographs that chronicle the introduction of the polio vaccine to Nova Scotia
  • research on the invention of the defibrillator
  • an examination of how very ill children express themselves through their art
  • an exploration of the representation of illness and healing through the visual arts

Don't see an elective that seems a fit for you?

Build your own by proposing an idea and finding a mentor. Not sure where to start? Talk with students who have done such electives or the Humanities-HEALS program director.

Want another opportunity to explore the humanities?

Learn about our selectives.

Get to the HeART of it

Enhancing healthcare through the arts

If you’re in the health professions program, we encourage you to take our 6-week course, At the HeART of It. You’ll explore the ways the arts and humanities impact learning and clinical care through experiential exercises and practical examples.

Learn more about At the HeART of It.