Celebrating the benefits

At Dalhousie University, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve and enhance the ways that medical professionals treat and interact with patients. The Medical Humanities-HEALS program offers unique and important research opportunities including:  

  • physician well-being
  • theatre as an innovative learning tool
  • neurology as an art form to bolster learning
  • perceptions of the effects from humanities-related involvement
  • the hidden curriculum (the "unofficial secret culture" of medicine and health care)
  • others of your own design

A focus on discovery: the RIM Program

As a medical student, you’ll study journals and develop an appreciation for groundbreaking research. When you enroll in our new Research in Medicine (RIM) program, you’ll have the opportunity to work on an important project of your own choosing.  

The RIM program provides students with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in research, and apply critical thinking to their chosen field of medicine. There are many different opportunities for RIM projects, including the humanities. Do you have an interest in the performing arts? Have you wondered about the impact of music and dance on patients with neurological disease? Why do we do some of the things we do in medicine – what is the history behind it? The Humanities offers many research opportunities for students, including but not limited to, performing arts, music, history of medicine, visual arts, and literature. The Director will work with interested students to define a project and direct them to an appropriate mentor.