Past Theses and Projects with a Medical Application

Thesis topics

Student Title Supervisors
Winston Ying
(MACSc 2004 October)
A Generic Framework to Incorporate Clinical Practice Guidelines for Information Personalization David Zitner (Medicine)
Raza Abidi (Computer Science)
Dingwei Dai
(MACS 2004 May)
Development of a Web-based Health Status Assessment Tool for Elderly People [DOC - 21KB] Arnold Mitnitski (Medicine)
Peter Hitchcock (Computer Science)
Xiaowei Song
(MSC 2003 October)
A Constraint-Based Approach to Signal Acquisition in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI/MRS) Benjamin Rusak (Medicine)
Evangelos Milios, Malcolm Heywood (Computer Science)
Dyan Tufts-Conrad
(MEC 2003 May)
Towards the Automated Classification of Patient Discharge Abstracts David Zitner (Medicine)
Nur Zincir-Heywood (Computer Science)
Wenjiang Liang
(MCS 2003 May)
Approaches to Diabetes Data Mining Grace Paterson (Medicine)
Peter Hitchcock (Computer Science)
T. Chi Perrie
(MEC 2002 October)
Evaluation of an Electronic Health Record by Heurisitic Approach and Cognitive Walkthroug David Zitner, Grace Paterson (Medicine)
James Blustein (Computer Science)
Zheng Liang
(MCS 2002 October)
Storage Models for CDA Documents Grace Paterson (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd (Computer Science)
Jianhua Guo
(MCS 2000 May)
*Text Clustering and Retrieval PPML Archive G. Allen Finley (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd (Computer Science
Yilin Xiao
(MCS 2000 October)
*A Framework for Discovering Patterns and Trends in Asthma Data Community Health and Epidemiology (Medicine)
Qigang Gao (Computer Science)
Ke Zhang, MD
(MCS 2000 October)
*IBD Patient Response Data: Web-Based Access and Statistical Analysis Noel Williams (Medicine)
Peter Bodorik (Computer Science
Xaioli Wang
(MACS 2000 October)
The Design and Implementation of a Client-Server Clinical Document Management System Based on CDA Grace Paterson (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd (Computer Science
Yiyuan He
(MCS 2000 October)
*Development of an Interactive Web Reference for Diabetes David Zitner, Grace Paterson, Sonia Salisbury (Medicine)
Carolyn Watters (Computer Science)
Jasmica Patel
(MCS 1999 October)
Detection and Measurement of Multiple Sclerosis Brain Lesions from Magnetic Resonance Images using Image Processing Techniques Jock Murray, Melissa Butler (Medicine)
Norm Scrimger (Computer Science)
Jianhua Yang
(MCS 2000 May)
*Graphic User Interface for Data Visualization and Report Format (Project) Population Health Research Unit (Medicine)
Qigang Gao (Computer Science)
Zhouxiao Wang
(MCS 1999)
A Web-based Non-programmable Interface for PHRU Datasets Population Health Research Unit (Medicine)
Qigang Gao (Computer Science)
Xiaodong Liu
(MCS 1999)
Web-based Access to a Data Warehouse of Administrative Data Population Health Research Unit (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd (Computer Science
Jianlong Qian
(MCS 2000)
*PHRU Medicare Web-based Data Miner Population Health Research Unit (Medicine)
Qigang Gao (Computer Science)
Wanhong Zheng
(MCS 2001)
Classification and Representation of On-Line Medical News Carolyn Watters, Evangelos Milios, Michael Shepherd (Computer Science)
Cathy Yuanhua Zhang
(MCS 1999)
Indexing Medical Literature on the Web Using UMLS Grace Paterson (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd, Carolyn Watters (Computer Science)
Grace Paterson
(MSc 1994)
A Rough Sets Approach to Patient Classification David Zitner (Medicine)
Michael Shepherd, Carl Hartzman (Computer Science)
Jermal H. Abawajy
(MSc 1992)
Design of an Integrated Knowledge/Database Medical Curriculum System: Object-Oriented Framework and Experimental Prototype David Zitner (Medicine)
Micheal Shepherd, Carolyn Watters, Carl Hartzman (Computer Science