Supporting health care with information technology

Interested in working with and learning about information management and technology that helps people and supports health care? Training in medical and health informatics will give you the skills to develop and use information technology to create a better healthcare system.

Undergraduate medical students learn about medical informatics during their first two years of medical training as part of the interwoven experiences that build professional compentencies. Residents gain medical informatics training as part of the Division of Medical Education's Medical Education elective.

Our goal is to integrate Medical Informatics more extensively into Undergraduate Medical Education, Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development.

Our collaborative programs

We collaborate with the Faculty of Computer Science in the following programs:

Master of Health Informatics
: This two-year, full-time program will equip you with useful skills in areas like health systems and issues, project management, database design and data mining.

Interdisciplinary PhD: This dual-streamed program provides the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research. If one of your streams is Health Informatics, you have the potential of improving the quality of our health care.

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Developing a Master of Health Informatics program?

The documents below were vital in the establishment of Master of Health Informatics programs across Canada: