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Synoptic operative reports for spinal cord injury patients as a tool for data quality.
Grace I. Paterson, Sean Christie, Wilfred Bonney, Ginette Thibault-Halman
Health Informatics Journal.  DOI: 10.1177/1460458215603223.

Newspaper Articles

Your health information; our secret
David Zitner
Chronicle Herald - July 31, 2015

It’s 2015, so why can’t I email my doctor yet?
Dianne Kelderman, David Zitner
Chronicle Hearld - Hearld Opinions July 24, 2015 - 4:22pm  

Steven Huesing Award winner 2015

MHI graduate Amina Russell has won this year’s Steven Huesing Award. The award is presented by COACH (Canada’s health informatics association) to the most accomplished health informatics student in Canada. Amina received the award at the Health Informatics Award Gala held in Toronto in June.

As a project manager for the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Amina leads clinical information system projects. She has worked in two large, acute care hospitals in Canada and possesses in-depth knowledge of clinical systems.

Amina’s master’s thesis explored combining behavioural theory and decision theory in an online, shared decision making tool to help patients better manage chronic illness such as hypertension using lifestyle modification.  Her research work was supervised by Dr. Samina Abidi from the Faculty of Medicine.

Best Poster Award winner 2015

MHI graduate Ghdeer Tashkandi was the winner of the Best Poster Award at the recently concluded ISHIMR2015 conference in York (UK). Ghdeer is currently pursing an IDPhD with a focus in health informatics. Her research focuses on understanding physician interactions with clinical decision support systems to design cognitively efficient user interfaces for computerized clinical decision support systems. She is a member of the NICHE research group.