Changing health care

At Dalhousie, our medical informatics researchers are consistently looking at new ways information technology can benefit our physicians, nurses and health care professionals.

Current research

  • D-WISE: A Diabetes Web-Centric Information and Support Environment: An E-health Solution Operationalizing Behaviour Change Models and Clinical Guidelines for Patient-centred Diabetes Self-management
  • IMPACT-AF: Integrated Management Program Advancing Community Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
  • A Computerized Special Authorization Decision Support System for Novel Oral Anticoagulant (NOAC) Therapy
  • We're also part of the Research in Medicine (RIM) Program, which helps medical students develop their skills in critical thinking and creativity through a mentored research project. Dr. Abidi is very active in this program:  she is a program director in RIM; chairs the RIM Committee for Evaluation of Student Learning; and is a member of the RIM Unit Governance Committee and the RIM Curriculum and Administrative Group. 

Past research

Notable past projects have included “Pharmacy Services Provided by a Provincial Drug Information System” [PDF - 520KB] and “Zen and the Ethics of Ethics Review” [PDF - 148KB].

We’ve also studied:

  • information collection, storage and analysis
  • model formation and knowledge translation
  • clinical pragmatics, including practical data entry, retrieval and presentation for clinical tasks
  • health outcomes, including structured discharge summaries linking activities to results
  • learning for health and health care
  • training and tools for systematic review
  • knowledge translation
  • ways to put research findings and products into the hands of practitioners
  • using research knowledge to inspire people to act and think differently