Pushing research forward

Not only are we committed to advancing research and attracting funding that equips Dalhousie Medical School with the very best in curriculum development and teaching techniques, we’ve actively undertaken research in a number of theme areas:

  • curriculum development
  • learner assessment, self-assessment and feedback
  • edffective teaching and learning
  • communication skills
  • distributed learning
  • health information systems and management
  • critical thinking
Fast facts
Total research grant awards for DME faculty/staff (to June 2015) $6,1000,000
Total grants issued by the DME Research & Development Fund
(to 2010)
Total number of publications 175
Total number of research studies 136
Total number of living laboratory projects (2013-2014) 18
Total number of living laboratory projects (2015-2016) 21

Interested in our findings? Read our research reports.