Widening Accessibility Stream

Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine is committed to widening accessibility to medical education and training to broad and diverse populations, including underrepresented populations and individuals who encounter significant barriers in their pursuit of medical education.

 In order to be eligible for admission, all applicants must meet minimum academic and non-academic requirements. Reflective of our commitment to widening accessibility, Applicants will have the option of completing a questionnaire within Section 2 of the online application. This questionnaire is intended to help further inform the Admissions Committee about the applicant's personal context. Completion of this Widening Accessibility section is OPTIONAL.

Information from this questionnaire will be used to identify eligible applicants to be considered under a designated stream for widening accessibility in the Nova Scotia applicant pool, as determined by the Admissions Committee. While the Widening Accessibility Stream is currently limited to NS applicants, all applicants are encouraged to complete the ​questionnaire . All information is treated confidentially and will be considered only for purposes of the Widening Accessibility Stream and for quality assurance purposes in support of Dalhousie Medicine's commitment to Social Accountability. With respect to quality assurance, data will only be reported in aggregate form to preserve confidentiality. Information in this section is not a component of the applicant's file score.