COVID‑19 Information

Regarding MCAT exams

The MCAT requirement remains in place for the 2021/2022 application cycle. At this current time, deadline dates for MCAT test have not yet been determined for the 2021/2022 applicationc cycle.  Please monitor our website for this information, it will be made available as soon as testing dates for the summer are released. 

Regarding transcript submission (2021/2022 application cycle)

All unofficial transcripts (i.e. electronic copies) pertaining to post-secondary studies are required to be uploaded within Section 2 of the online application. The deadline to upload unofficial transcripts in Section 2 of the online application is on or before September 3, 2021.

Applicants who are selected for an interview will be required to submit official copies of all trnascripts pertaining to post-secondary studies by mail or secure web/email portal. The deadline to submit official transcripts will be communicated to those who are selected for an interview. 

Please note:  If you participated in an exchange program during part of your degree OR your degree was granted from an accredited university outside of Canada a World Evaluation Services Assessment is required to be submitted by Sept 3, 2021.

Pass/Fail grades from an exchange will not be accepted for GPA assessment. If the numerical or alphabetical course grades from the exchange are not reflected on your home university transcript, then you are required to obtain a World Education Services assessment completed ( for the exchange courses. This transcript assessment must be submitted as part of your application due by Sept 3.