COVID‑19 Information

Information below is applicable for the 2020/2021 application cycle


Regarding Credit/No Credit courses for the winter 2020 term 

On Jun 29, 2020, The Admissions Committee held an ad-hoc meeting to review the decision of excluding Winter 2020 grades from GPA assessment for the 2020-2021 application cycle.

The Admissions Committee has revised the decision such that applicants will be able to enter all alphanumerical grades received in Winter 2020 on Section 2 of their application. GPA assessment will be calculated based on most recent 60 CH course grades (or 90 CH if applicant has completed degree and chosen best ¾ calculation option) with and without Winter 2020. The higher GPA of the 2 calculations will be used for GPA assessment.

If an applicant has 1 or more credit/no credit grades in the Winter 2020 session, the applicant will enter the highest alphanumerical course grades from the most recent semester not already included in the GPA assessment to total 60CH (or 90 CH if applicant has completed degree and chosen best ¾ calculation option). In Section 2 of the online application course grades should be entered in chronological order as they appear on your transcript in successive 30 credit hour allotments 

Please note that this process will currently apply to the 2020-2021 application cycle only. Admissions requirements and processes are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change for future application cycles.

The minimum GPA must be met for each successive 30 credit hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: Selecting your best three of four full time years should only be selected if it changes the outcome of your overall GPA, otherwise we ask that you use the 60 most recent senior level course grades as outlined above.


Regarding MCAT exams

We are all doing our best to adapt to new, unfamiliar and very necessary changes in our workflow and processes. While working closely with our medical school colleagues all across Canada, we are making our best efforts to provide a comprehensive academic accommodation plan ​for our prospective applicants.

The MCAT requirement remains in place for the 2020/2021 application cycle. At this current time, we have extended the MCAT test date deadline to help accommodate the recent test dates that have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We will also be accepting all MCAT test dates from 2015 for the upcoming 2020/2021 application cycle. 

Deadline to write MCAT (updated June 22, 2020) - Due to new information provided by AAMC regarding score reporting time we have extended our MCAT deadline to September 12, 2020, with a score release date of September 29th, 2020. Applicants must release MCAT scores via the AAMC website to Dalhousie by September 29th, 2020  Reapplicants must release MCAT scores annually to Dalhousie.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it changes in response to the evolving pandemic context. We are mindful of the challenges that you are undergoing as we navigate through our new realities. We are committed to mitigating the potential adverse impact of the pandemic on students' application process while also maintaining fairness, equity and integrity in our processes. Please continue to monitor our website for updates on the MD admissions process.

Regarding transcript submission

Applicants will be required to upload one unofficial copy of each post-secondary school listed in your application. The upload portal is located in Section 2 of the online application. Unofficial transcripts must include , your name and identifying information of the institution. Unofficial transcripts must be in one of the following formats [PDF (preferred) , JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, GIF]

PLEASE NOTE: Dalhousie transcripts, both official and unofficial (if applicable) are not required to be submitted or uploaded  as the Admissions Office is able to access these internally, once you application has been submitted.

Along with the unofficial transcript upload if you are currently still able to request official transcripts to be sent  by mail or by secure web portal or email directly from the school please do so now using the email address and they will be filed with your application once it is submitted. Official transcripts will be required to be sent to the Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office when COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.