Conference Services

Let us take care of that

We understand that different organizers have different needs when it comes to conference management. Whether you have the time, experience and volunteers to handle just about everything, or you need us to handle it all, we’ll customize a package that will provide you with everything you need.

Our services include:
    - accreditation;
    - conference registration;
    - program design and delivery;
    - evaluation process;
    - venue selection and bookings;
    - catering; and
    - complete event planning.

Planning programs for physicians in the Maritimes

When you’re organizing a Continuing Professional Development program for specialists or general practitioners in the Maritimes, it’s important to understand the process from the outset to ensure everything goes smoothly. For essential information on Continuing Professional Development's accreditation process, please read Accrediting Learning Events for Physicians before you begin this process.

Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development can help you design a program that meets the necessary standards for accreditation and guarantees that your attendees get the most out of your event.

Before you start planning

1. Who can accredit programs for physicians in the Maritimes?

Programs for specialists:
- Dalhousie’s Continuing Professional Development
- A national specialist society that has accredited provider status with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)

Programs for family physicians:
- Dalhousie’s Continuing Professional Development
- The provincial chapters of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)

2. If my program will be for both specialists and family physicians, will I need to submit two applications?

No. The requirements can be met with a single application and associated fees.

3. What are the first steps to getting a program accredited through Dalhousie’s CPD office?

Contact Dalhousie’s CPD office before planning the program. Our involvement will depend on your target audience and the organization you belong to, but it’s best to ensure that your program will meet accreditation requirements by seeking advice at the earliest possible stage.

Programs for family physicians
For programs including family physicians in the target audience, the CPD office must co-sponsor the event. A Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development educator MUST be serving on the planning committee. This role may be executed by correspondence.

Programs for specialists
Programs designed for specialists only may be either co-sponsored or approved by the CPD office. To qualify for approval the primary sponsor must be a physician organization. It's not necessary for the CPD office to be represented on the planning committee, but it's essential that planners follow and document the criteria for accreditation outlined in the application package.

After Approval
When a program is “approved”, ultimate accountability for content, as well as educational and ethical standards, lies with the physician organization.

If the primary sponsor is not a physician organization, the program may be eligible for co-sponsorship by the CPD Office in the same manner as programs designed for family physicians.

4. What are the accreditation requirements?

  • The planning committee must include representation from the target audience.
  • The program must be based on a needs assessment of the target audience—and have learning objectives that address those needs.
  • At least 25% of the total education time must be devoted to interactive learning.
  • The program must be evaluated and meet ethical standards for continuing professional education.

5. What will it cost to work with the CPD office?

We are currently conducting a national survey to develop the costing template.

Co-sponsorship: As of June 1, 2018: $400 (received 8 weeks prior to event); $500 (received less than 8 weeks prior to event)
Rounds accreditation for clinical or academic departments: $500/year for all participants
Accrediting rounds: TBD
Special Alumni events: TBD
Conferences and courses: TBD

Note: where an aspect of the planning process requires a CPD educator to be present for longer than three hours, we reserve the right to apply additional charges to cover this time.

6. Who should I contact?

Deirdre Harvey, Program Coordinator, Accreditation
Tel: 902-494-2234

Mary Ann Robinson, Office Manager
Tel: 902-494-1459

7. What if I need help with other aspects of planning and delivering a program?

We provide a full range of meeting management services, on a fee-for-service basis. Contact Mary Ann Robinson at 902-494-1459.