FacDev Thursdays Seminar Series

Interesting seminars from expert faculty and presenters

Having trouble fitting professional development into your busy schedule? The FacDev Thursdays Seminar Series is a convenient way to access a variety of 1 hour seminars from expert presenters, covering all aspects of our faculty’s needs. Due to the distributed nature of our faculty, we offer these seminars via online webinar.

If you are unable to attend in person but would like a recording of the webinar, please contact us at facdev@dal.ca

Our themes

We offer seminars in each of our key theme areas. It is easy to identify the theme of each seminar - they will be identified by either color and/or icon:  



Professional Development & Promotion

Educational Design & Administration


Our 2018-19 series are done for the year, and will start up in September

2018-19 FacDev Thursdays Seminar Series [PDF-403KB]


This year, all our seminars occur as webinars, delivered via Adobe Connect. They take place from 8:00 - 9:00 pm, unless otherwise specified.

To access the webinar: JOIN WEBINAR HERE
We highly recommend logging in 15 minutes before the start time.
Simply type your name in the box and ensure the button "Enter as a guest" is checked.

Watch this space as we start to promote our 2019-20 webinars

Theme Date
Title (Link to poster when available) Presenter

Nov 14

General Library Services Overview for Faculty [PDF-335KB]

Ms Jackie Phinney
Dec 12 Dalhousie Competence By Design - Current and Future; How far have we come? [PDF-335KB] Dr. Janice Chisholm 
Dec 19 Teaching on Track and on Time [PDF-328KB] Dr. Lisa Bonang
Jan 16

R2C2 "in-the-moment": Coaching learners in clinical settings [PDF-336KB]


Dr. Joan Sargeant
Mar 12 Character-Based Leadership in Medicine [PDF-330KB] Dr. Nabil Sultan and Dr. Jacqueline Torti
May 7 Professionalism Part 2 Dr. Lynn Murphy Kaulbeck
Jun 4 Keeping up with new developments in the research literature [PDF-265KB] Ms Jackie Phinney
Jun 18 Preparing for Promotion  Dr. Lara Hazelton


Online modules

We are developing a series of online modules on relevant medical education topics to support our themes. These modules are housed on our FacDev Brightspace site. To be enrolled, please contact us at facdev@dal.ca.