Professional Development Seminar Series

Interesting seminars from expert faculty and presenters

We are excited to bring to you the Professional Development Seminar Series. This latest offering from CPDME will include a multi-pronged and multimedia approach to the information you need to develop skills, knowledge, and connection delivered by content experts, thought leaders and innovators. The online nature means you can access form wherever you have internet, allowing you to attend in real time or watch when convenient. As well, we are pleased to continue delivering the FacDev Lounge, a podcast series led by Dr. Sarah Gander. The topics presented will be selected by faculty leaders in the four thematic areas outlined below:


Led by Dr. Wendy Stewart

From the visual and performing arts to the history of medicine, we believe in the value of having medical professionals and faculty engage in the humanities. Wherever you are in your career or your lifelong learning there is something for everyone to gain from humanizing medicine. Integrating medical humanities will: stimulate your creativity; sustain your energy; support the compassion required to provide excellence in care; develop your capacity for critical thinking and improve your communication and advocacy skills.

  • Sessions will be posted as confirmed.

Wellness and Leadership

Led by Dr. Ange Cooper and Dr. Lara Hazelton

The Faculty Wellness team welcome and invite you to our professional development series. These sessions have been designed to begin to address the seven drivers of burnout as discussed in the literature including: workload and job demands, efficiency and resources, meaning in work, culture and values, control and flexibility, social support and community at work, and work-life integration. These sessions will focus on personal promotion and leadership skill development and will develop your ability and inspiration to reach for the next level or to lead with confidence from where you are now. 


Anti-Oppression (EDI)

Led by Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed

Join us as we seek to understand our experiences and/or observation of oppression towards priority communities within the Maritimes and beyond.  Learn skills to effectively create and support an anti-oppressive working and learning environment.  These adeptly curated and insightful sessions will be hosted by the Serving and Engaging Society lead.

Fundamentals of Teaching and Research

Led by Dr. Lisa Bonang and Dr. Sarah Burm

Led by our Medical Education Research and Scholarship team these research seminars will focus on helping to demystify and inspire you to the world of medical education research and scholarship. Effective teaching is an art that few have been trained for, but many have been asked to do.  With the changing needs of an ever-evolving learning environment, our Faculty Development lead will host educationally relevant topics geared to developing your skill and comfort, and subsequent enjoyment in the teaching realm.



  • Sessions will be posted as confirmed.


We have a list of previous webinars, formerly know as FacDev Thursdays, which can be found here. If you would like access to a recording, please contact

Online modules

We are developing a series of online modules on relevant medical education topics to support our themes. These modules are housed on our FacDev Brightspace site. To be enrolled, please contact us at