ABC of Learning & Teaching in Medicine Series | British Medical Journal (2003)

Assessment & reflection

Guided Self-Assessment, Reflection, and Self-Monitoring (2013) | Joan Sargeant, PhD, Dalhousie University

- Reflective Questions in Case-Based Learning Tutorials [Video duration - 8:04]

Case-based learning

Clinical teaching skills


Giving lectures & presentations

Learners in trouble



Orienting learners

Questioning skills

Teaching at the bedside


Suggested readings

Schön DA. Educating the reflective practitioner – toward a new design for teaching and learning in the professions. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; 1987. Schön published several books which suggest that reflection, especially when linked to experience and feedback, promotes learning. This is perhaps the most relevant to medical education and there are links to critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Schön’s ideas have been enormously influential and reflective ‘exercises’, often somewhat divorced from the practice setting, are increasingly common in medical education.






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