LIFE Modules

Teaching faculty are integral to the development of competent physicians; however, they often begin their teaching roles without any formalized training in the skills required to help them in this important task. To help busy faculty prepare for their role as teacher, we have created LIFE (Longitudinal Integrated Faculty Education).

LIFE is a faculty development educational initiative designed to provide resources to develop the skills of teachers, at any stage of their career, within the following pillars:

1. Research
2. Leadership
3. Professional development and promotion
4. Educational design and administration
5. Teaching.

This collection of resources is constructed to facilitate the exposure to key concepts and allows for the development of educated and confidant teachers with the skills to promote excellence within our Faculty of Medicine and our medical learners.

Designed in a modular, time-efficient, on-line (and sometimes interactive) format, our units provide resources in a variety of media to ensure convenience, flexibility and easy access for the busy faculty person. 

Current Modules available:

Reflective Thinking and Its Use in Medicine
Tutor Skill Development
OSCE Examiner Training

Contact Susan Love for more information and access to the course modules