Critical Thinking

Challenge your knowledge

Although you may have first encountered the idea of critical thinking in a philosophy or a psychology class, the concept is intricately tied to the world of medicine. From the time you take the Hippocratic Oath, promising to “do no harm”, you’re obligated to think through every action you make when dealing with patients and their families.

Many physicians don’t reach their potential when it comes to critical thinking. CPDME’s Critical Thinking program ensures that this topic is incorporated into a number of your tutorials, lectures and workshops—because we believe critical thinking skills are necessary to provide better care to your patients.

Our goals

As a physician, the care of your patients is up to you. The Critical Thinking program is based on the theory that when you improve your critical thinking skills, your patients benefit from better clinical reasoning and decision-making.

We aim to:

  • improve critical thinking in medicine by incorporating these skills into all areas of medical education—from undergraduate classes to faculty development workshops and continuing professional development
  • to build enthusiasm for critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning and sound decision making
  • to promote the practice of critical thinking in the greater healthcare community