Promoting Leadership in health for African Nova Scotians (PLANS)

Support for Black students aspiring to a career in health

We are in the process of updating our information on the PLANS program. Please visit our new Diversity section for more details.

Admissions Equity

Dalhousie University is committed to equity in admissions to its programs for underrepresented groups – there are slight variations between programs.  PLANS is committed to ensuring the appropriate application of admissions equity policies in the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, and Health as well as providing the necessary support and connections to ensure student success.  To determine if you might be considered under the admissions equity policies, contact Michelle.


To be considered under admissions equity and/or to be connected with appropriate supports (i.e. PLANS), students are strongly encouraged to self-identify on their application to Dalhousie.  Information gained from the self-identification process is used only for admissions purposes and connecting students to services.  Current students can contact the Registrar’s office to check their status.

Financial Aid

Paying for post-secondary education can be a challenge, there are plenty of resources including scholarships, bursaries, loans and jobs that can help.

Here is a sample of sources of scholarships and bursaries:

  • Dalhousie Scholarship for First Nation & Black Students
  • African Nova Scotian Student University Entrance Scholarships (Department of Education, African Canadian Services Division)
  • Dalhousie Alumni Association Scholarship
  • The Aboriginal and African Nova Scotian Entrance Bursary (Medicine)
  • Summer Student Research Program (Medicine, Health, Sciences)

For other Dalhousie scholarships and bursaries contact Michelle or visit the Registrar's Office website.

Part-time work is another way to help you.  Part-time jobs can be found on and off campus.  Check out the myCareer section of myDal.

Mentorship and Academic Support

Mentors can be an important part of your success – they have been in your shoes and understand the pressures your face to succeed.  PLANS is connected a number of community organizations and Black health professionals who are interested in providing mentorship to students.  If you would like to be connected with a mentor in your field or from your community, contact Michelle.

It’s no secret that there are significant differences between high school and university.  Managing your time, how you study, are all different and finding your way is important. Dalhousie has a number of resources on campus to help.  Throughout the year PLANS and BSAC will offer sessions to ensure you succeed in university including:

  • Studying Skills
  • Time Management
  • Writing Workshops
  • MCAT/DAT/GRE Workshops

For more information or to suggest a topic, contact Michelle.

Societies and Groups

PLANS will be starting a student group for those students in the health program or who plan to enter a health program at some point.  The group would provide students with social opportunities as well as information nights about career options, Black health issues, as well as links to volunteer opportunities. Stay tuned for more information or contact Michelle if you are interested.

There are also many other societies and groups on campus, you are encouraged to visit the Dalhousie Student Union's website for a full list of student societies. The following societies may be of particular interest to students from the African Diaspora:

  • African Students Association (DASA)
  • Black Canadian Students Association (BCSA)
  • Black United Students Association (BUSA)
  • Dalhousie Caribbean Connections / St. Mary's Caribbean Society
  • International Students Association (DISA)
  • Students Inspiring Change (Student Inc.)

Dalhousie Black Student Advising Centre

The Black Student Advising Centre supports all black students of African descent in pursuit of post-secondary education at Dalhousie and the University of King's College.

BSAC is located at 1321 Edward Street, visit for information on employment, scholarships and bursaries, and events, both on campus and in the Halifax community.

For more information visit BSAC

Community Outreach and Programs

Reaching out to the community is an important part of the education process.  Parents, extended families, and the community at large have an important part in the success of a student.  From time to time, PLANS will organize or attend events in communities across Nova Scotia to inform and promote health careers in collaboration with organizations.

Schools and Community Groups

As part of recruitment activities, PLANS can arrange for presentations to students in schools or community groups about the education and career options that exist for learners of African descent.  If your school or group is interested in hearing more, contact Michelle.

Summer Camp

In 2014, PLANS held the first 5-day African Nova Scotian Health Sciences Day Camp for 15 youth from across the Halifax area.  Students who had recently completed Grades 8-11 were introduced to the health professions through fun and interactive activities as well as making new friends and participating in an African drumming session. Read more about the camp here.

Plans are underway to host students from across the province in July of 2015.  For more information, contact Michelle (