Creating diverse and inclusive environments

The Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University is committed to the principles of inclusion and diversity in all that we do. This includes: 

  • recruiting students, faculty, and staff that reflect the diversity of our society 
  • maintaining an environment of equity and fairness where all can work and learn 
  • assuring that our programs and curricula prepare our graduates to meet the needs of the diverse communities they will serve in their careers in Canada and around the world 

The Faculty of Medicine strives to reflect the diversity in our own community and is committed to the principles of meritocracy and equity, taking action to support the access and success of under-represented groups such as: 

  • Women 
  • Indigenous Peoples, with emphasis on Mi’kmaq peoples 
  • Persons with Disabilities 
  • Racialized persons (visible minorities), with an emphasis on African Nova Scotians and African Canadians 
  • Persons who traditionally have not had the opportunity for university education because of economic, social and cultural reasons, lack of formal education or residence in non-urban areas 

Find out more about our Faculty of Medicine’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Guidelines. 


To find out more about our diversity programs for Indigenous and African Nova Scotians, please see their program pages.


Equity is a process that takes diversity and differences into account through fair and non-discriminatory approaches and practices, to ensure inclusion. 


Diversity is the condition of having a broad range of differences in the Faculty, represented in its people, perspectives, policies, programs and practise. 


Inclusion is an outcome where community members experience equal access to opportunities for education, employment, promotion and success in the Faculty and a sense of belonging and engagement in the life and work of the Faculty and the institution. 


Call for Applications: Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Program for non‑medical students

Application Deadline: February 2021

The FoM Summer Student Research Program provides opportunities to undergraduate students living in Nova Scotia of African descent and Aboriginal students with an interest in medicine and/or medical research.  These students must have completed at least 2 years of a health and/or science-related undergraduate program, other than medicine, at Dalhousie University or another Canadian university to participate in research projects conducted by members of the Faculty of Medicine.  Students will work directly with the faculty member or a senior member of the faculty member’s research program.  The intent is to allow students to become completely immersed in the conduct of medical research.  For the summer period, students will be expected to fully commit to participate in the day to day operation of the research program, an experience that will give students firsthand exposure to new technologies and approaches.

Summer research studentships are scholarships to which you can apply on a competitive basis - only 4 positions are available each year.  These studentships pay the student a stipend of $5000 over a twelve week period (includes 2 weeks of vacation) as well as a $750 travel stipend (for presentation of research at a regional/national/international conference).  Application forms are now available and deadline for receipt of completed applications is February 2021.  

The application form and further information on how to find a supervisor can be found on the medical research website.