Conference Diversity Bursary Form

Looking to attend a conference or other professional development opportunity? 


As a part of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation (2016-2021) funding the Dalhousie’s Indigenous and African Nova Scotia Conference bursary program is designed as an initiative for Indigenous students (First Nation, Inuit, and Métis) and African Nova Scotians at Dalhousie University. The goal of the program is to enable students to attend extracurricular programing such as conferences as part of their professional development (does not include courses).

Bursary Eligibility 

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the bursary: 

  1. Self-identify as Indigenous or African Nova Scotian* 
  2. Be attending a relevant conference or professional development activity 
  3. Be a current student registered in Dalhousie University programs in one of the health faculties: 
    • Faculty of Health
    • Faculty of Medicine (including Bachelor of Medical Sciences) 
    • Faculty of Dentistry

Please provide the following information.



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Dalhousie University is committed to encouraging diversity and to providing services that meet the needs of the University's diverse student population. Completion of the section on self-identification is mandatory and will be used for the purposes of this bursary only.

 I am African Nova Scotian (born and/or raised in Nova Scotia with a substantial connection to the historically Black community)
 I am African Nova Scotian (born and/or raised in Nova Scotia without connection to the historical Black community)
 I am African Canadian (born and/or raised outside of Nova Scotia)
 I am Mi’kmaq / First Nation (Nova Scotia)
 I am Mi’kmaq / First Nation (NB/PEI)
 I am Maliseet / First Nation (NB)
 I am Indigenous / Metis (Atlantic Provinces)
 I am Indigenous / Innu or Inuit (Atlantic Provinces)
 I am Indigenous / First Nation (Other)
 I am Indigenous / Metis (Other)
 Faculty of Medicine
 Faculty of Dentistry
 Faculty of Health


Conference/Professional Development Program Information