About Us

Our Name

Keknu’tmasiek Welo’ltimk / We Learn Healing

Keknu’tmasiek Welo’ltimk (pronounced: gag-new-d-muss-seeg well-oh-l-dim-k) is a Mi’kmaw phrase that translates to “We Learn Healing”. This name was submitted by an Indigenous student involved with our program and selected through a community driven process. 

We feel this name accurately reflects the work we do, from supporting prospective Indigenous medical students to guiding the medical community through the complexities of reconciliation. We are all on this healing journey together, and we invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to connect with our program.

Our Mission 

To support healthy Indigenous communities across Wabanaki and beyond through medical education that is based on Etuaptmumk - Two-Eyed Seeing

Our Vision 

Keknu’tmasiek Welo’ltimk - Indigenous Health in Medicine will become a central gathering point among a network of support, knowledge, and training related to Indigenous health in Wabanaki

Our Values 

  • Love - for people, our communities, and our work
  • Respect - for Indigenous tradition, culture, and all ways of knowing
  • Courage - to fight for justice and fairness for all
  • Honesty - with ourselves, our communities, and our colleagues
  • Wisdom - to apply our traditional knowledge, professional skills, and lived-experiences in a good way
  • Humility - to know when to ask for help and when to say no
  • Truth - to find our shared truth and speak it widely

Our Focus

  • developing specific admissions pathways to ensure equity for all students of Indigenous descent
  • creating mentorship and outreach opportunities
  • providing support for the academic success and graduation of Indigenous learners
  • pursuing opportunities for curriculum development
  • strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities
  • leading Indigenous advisory committees