IMU Students

Come to Dalhousie University

Since 1996, Dalhousie University has partnered with the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia. Each year, ten IMU students are eligible to complete third- and fourth-year clerkships at Dalhousie leading to a Canadian Medical Doctorate degree. This unique partnership builds the educational capacity of IMU and improves the health care in Malaysia and surrounding regions.

Dalhousie University offers unique training including:

  • opportunity for developing hands-on clinical skills, history taking and physical examinations
  • comprehensive bridging program before clerkship
  • opportunity to learn about hospitals and the Canadian healthcare systems
  • placements in urban and rural clinical settings
  • dedicated faculty advisor and program coordinator

Of course, life at Dalhousie is also fun, friendly and welcoming.

More reasons to choose Dalhousie University

  • dedicated faculty advisors and program coordinators
  • comprehensive transition program
  • hands-on clinical skills
  • rural/urban clinical settings
  • a huge presence of international students