Application Process

Apply to Dalhousie Medical School

An official acceptance letter will be sent to you via email and a hard copy mailed to IMU.  If you wish to accept Dalhousie's offer and confirm your seat, you must contact the IMU designate Partnership Medical School (PMS) representative in order to complete your application.

After you’ve applied

Dalhousie Medical School has mandatory immunization requirements for all students. For a complete list of requirements, please contact Anita Macdonald at

Tuition fee payment
Tuition fees for each year (third- and fourth-year) are paid in two installments. The first installment is before September 1, and the second installment is before January 1 of each academic year.

The Link Program fee's due at the end of June and must be submitted to Financial Services at Dalhousie Medical School (located on the second floor of the Clinical Research Centre).