PLANS Alumni Form

Welcome Dal Med Alumni who are Black or of African descent!

Promoting Leadership in health for African Nova Scotians (PLANS) aims to increase the representation of African Nova Scotians in the health professions—including Medicine ( This initiative is strongly supported by our Dean and Faculty, but we need the support of Dalhousie’s Black medical alumni to truly have an impact.

Your information will help us to build an accurate picture of Dalhousie’s Black medical alumni community. In addition, by connecting with us we can keep you informed of our activities and provide opportunities for you to be engaged in the work of PLANS. This would include mentorship of African Nova Scotian medical students and showcasing your experiences at community events.

Please note that your personal information will only be used within PLANS. There is no obligation on your part for ongoing connection or involvement with the work of PLANS. Please feel free to send this page link to other Dal Med Alumni who also self-identify as Black or of African descent. 

If you prefer, you may call or email us to provide your information or to discuss how you can be involved with PLANS and support the next generation of African Nova Scotian medical practitioners.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Timi Idris, Program Manager PLANS
Dr. Leah Jones, Academic Director, Black Health & Co-Chair PLANS Advisory Committee

Please fill in as much information as you are comfortable providing

 First Generation (Born outside of Canada)
 Second generation (Born in Canada with at least one parent born outside of Canada)
 Third or more generation (born in Canada with both parents born in Canada)
 Speak at a local event
 Connect one-on-one with an accepted or prospective student
 Mentor current students
 Give a guest lecture (virtual or on-site)
 Joint Scholarly Activity
 Social Media post
 Colleauge/Word of Mouth