Voice of the Resident

Voice of the Resident Survey 2020

The Voice of the Resident (VotR) was developed to assess resident learning environments, resident wellness, teaching and learning, career planning and satisfaction, and resident diversity.

The 2020 survey was distributed via email to 619 residents. We received 246 responses, for a response rate of 39%.

This survey was developed by the University of Toronto PGME office and graciously shared for use at Dalhousie.

- VoTR Selected Results 2020 (PDF 174 KB)


  • To improve the ability of PGME to deliver a high-quality resident training program.


  • Identify, measure and track key factors that influence the overall residency experience.
  • Analyze linkages between the residency experience and residents’ learning and delivery of patient care.
  • Communicate study findings to the academic community, relevant Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine PGME decision-makers, and other PGME stakeholder groups, including residents.