Postgraduate Records & FOIPOP Policy on Access to Resident Files


Student Records consist of two components:

1] Undergraduate File (where applicable)
a] Confidential Information b] Non-confidential Information
2] Postgraduate File (where applicable)
a] Confidential Information b] Non-confidential Information
For information on the Undergraduate Student Record Review Policy, contact the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, 494-1890.

Postgraduate Record Review - Confidential Information

Confidential information will be stamped as such and stored in an envelope marked "confidential" at the back of each Postgraduate student file. Included in confidential materials are:

1] CaRMS confidential application records (including letters of reference and official transcripts)

2] Postgraduate Dean's recommendation letters,

3] letters received or written at the request of the student regarding health or personal issues that affect academic progress or performance,

4] the Personal Information Profile collected yearly before registration in postgraduate medical education,

5] physician letters regarding health related matters and

6] letters regarding legal matters not pertaining to current training position.

Non-confidential Information

Included in this will be:

1] information on academic progress (such as ITERs)

2] unofficial transcripts of academic performance,

3] registration information,

4] scholarship applications, and

5] other unsolicited, general letters.


The Postgraduate student files are kept in a locked cabinet in the Postgraduate Medical Education Office of the Faculty of Medicine. The key to the locked cabinet is in the possession of the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Copies of Student Information

Students will not be given xeroxed copies of documents on file unless such documents originated from the student. Faculty members will be permitted a xeroxed copy of documents in a student's file if these documents originated from that individual faculty member. A composite ITER can be prepared but only at the written request of the Postgraduate student concerned.


At the time of the student's completion of training, or in the event of withdrawal or dismissal, Postgraduate student files will be placed in locked storage.

Normal Student Access to Files; Access to Files in the Event of an Appeal; and Access to Postgraduate student files by Other Parties

The Dalhousie University FOIPOP Policy on Access to Resident Files supercedes the Faculty of Medicine 2002 Policy- See Policy Below:

FOIPOP policy on access to resident files

The following policy is to address access to resident files.


A resident shall have access to his/her Resident File with the exception of reference letters, and other documents or material that were received by the Program with the request that it be kept confidential. The policy is not intended to be a replacement for disclosure obligations prescribed by Faculty Regulations Relating to Suspension from Postgraduate Study of Medicine, shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with such regulations.

Other Members of the University

The University Regulation: Release of Information About Students states the following, in part:

II Disclosure to Faculty, Administrative Officers, and Committees of the University. Information on students may be disclosed without the consent of the student to University Officials or committees deemed to have a legitimate educational interest.

Under this policy, a Program Director is deemed to have a legitimate educational interest in the Resident Files for those residents registered in the Program for which s/he is responsible. Requests for access to a Resident File by Faculty/Resident Training Committee members and Administrative Officers will be made to the relevant Program Director who shall determine whether such person has a legitimate educational interest in reviewing all or part of the Resident File.

Accreditation Survey Teams

Accreditation survey teams shall be granted access to Resident Files for the sole purpose of conducting an audit or review in connection with authorized institutional or program accreditation processes.

Other requests

Any other requests for information relating to files not expressly addressed in this policy must be made to the University FOIPOP Coordinator (University Legal Council) as an access to information request.

For a complete overview to the Dalhousie University access to information please go to Dalhousie’s Legal Counsel website.