2020 Dalhousie PGME Annual Administrator Award

This award will be given annually to a PGME Administrator who has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing residency/fellowship education as evidenced by innovation and excellence in his/her program and beyond.


Nominee must be a:

  • Program Administrator for any of the residency or Area of Focused Competence (AFC) programs at Dalhousie, with 2+ years of service.

Criteria for consideration:

Nominees must demonstrate at least one, or a combination of the following criteria:

  • The individual serves as a role model for other program support staff.
  • Has made innovations that benefited program administration in his/her own, or multiple programs
  • Is identified by residents as a strong support within the program
  • Provides excellent support for Program Directors through their commitment to residency training and approach to program administration.


  • Any faculty, staff or resident is invited to submit a nomination.
  • Nomination packages must include the following:
  • A 500 word nomination letter to the PGME Office stating how the individual has met the above criteria and  how he or she demonstrates outstanding support of Residency Education Administration
  • An letter of support from one other faculty or staff member
  • A letter of support from a resident(s) in the program


Nominations are due on or before 10 January 2020, and should be submitted electronically to: adminpgm@dal.ca.


  • Nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the Awards Committee.