Wellness Videos

These videos were developed in response to the high incidence of burnout in medical students and residents during their training. Hear first-hand how one resident faced burnout and not only found his way back but discovered he was a better doctor from the experience. Roy Ellis, counselor and bereavement coordinator with NSHA Integrated Palliative Care Services, discusses burnout, compassion, fatigue and vicarious trauma among medical learners and what strategies can be employed to maintain optimal well-being.

From Burnout to Joy

Hear Dr. Micah Peters’ experience with burnout during residency training and his successful journey  back to health and an improved sense of well-being. He discusses how to recognise burnout and tips to address it.

The Cost of Caring

Medical learners experience multiple stressors during their clinical training. The impact of witnessing death and dying, breaking bad news and making a medical error can take a personal toll. This video series delves in to the issue of vicarious trauma and strategies to care for yourselves and your colleagues.