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Message from the Assistant Dean

Student Affairs: What we can do for you

From your arrival at medical school to convocation day, Student Affairs is your source of support and advice when needed. Anything that hampers you from studying, meeting academic requirements or fulfilling clinical duties can bring you through our door.

Confidential help for any difficulty

Student Affairs offers confidential assistance for any form of difficulty that you may encounter in these exciting but taxing years of medical school. We can help you to deal with:

  • the impact of physical or mental illness
  • family problems or crises
  • difficulties with interpersonal relations
  • any other impediment to achieving your academic goals

In a safe and confidential environment, we can assess your needs, locate sources of assistance and help guide you through rough times.

Preparing for life after medical school

From the outset, we will also help you with preparing for your life after medical school. Within the first two months of your arrival, we'll meet to explore your career goals and to help you with the task of selecting a career path.

Over the course of the four years, we'll guide you to resources and information that will allow you to select and pursue training in your long term career.

Dr. Michael D. Teehan, FRCPC
Assistant dean, Student Affairs