Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

How does it work?

The application for scholarships, awards, bursaries and financial aid is available each year using the DalMedix application.

  1. Log in to DalMedix using your NetID and password
  2. On the homepage select "MyApps - Scholarships/Awards

The online application window for the 2016-17 academic year opens September 10 and closes September 30, 2016.

Automatic consideration for scholarships

All students will be automatically considered for scholarships, unless you select "decline" on the DalMedix application. If you'd like to apply for a specific award, bursary or scholarship, simply apply on DalMedix in early September.

Scholarships throughout the year

There are three separate occasions in which scholarships and awards are determined in any given academic year. These are:

At entrance: If you're an entering student, you'll automatically be considered for scholarships and awards.

At year's end: You'll be considered for scholarships and awards at the end of each academic year. Additionally, you can also apply for specific "named" awards that have more specific terms related to residency, course grades, etc.

Both entering and returning student recipients will receive letters of notification in December of each year.

At convocation: All graduating students are considered for scholarships and awards. These are presented at a ceremony each May.

Financial aid and bursaries

Financial aid and bursaries are awarded annually to students who demonstrate financial need using the application available on DalMedix (as above).

Following the submission deadline, the financial aid committee will meet to determine the recipients of the bursaries.