Personal Support

We're here to help

Are you finding your workload a bit overwhelming? Do you need a leave of absence or an emergency loan? Student Affairs is here to help. In fact, we can help you address just about any personal challenge you encounter during medical school.

And we’re not just here to help with personal, financial and academic issues—we’ll also guide you through any physical and mental health problems. Plus, we provide support for all kinds of student initiatives, ideas and projects.

Just a few of the things we can help with

  • family planning
  • adjustment to medical school
  • mental health
  • psychological support
  • personal circumstances or situations
  • illness (short and long term)
  • leaves of absence or time off
  • scheduling changes or adjustments
  • clerkship scheduling – location
  • emergency loan fund [DOC - 112 kB]

Take charge

We encourage you to come meet with us as soon as you notice a problem or challenge. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can. Best of all, our services are confidential.