Student Affairs & Wellness Liaisons for peer support

Student representatives

  • Can be a ‘safety net’ for fellow medical students offering support and guidance in a confidential and non-judgemental manner.  Reps may direct students to services within Dalhousie and beyond.

  • Will coordinate and promote sessions/activities, including
    Orientation Week - i.e., panel with SAWLs reps and Student Affairs, followed by Yoga
    Physician Addiction OR Mental Health Talk
    Significant Others Night
    Panel discussions between senior and junior students.

  • Promote Student Affairs events throughout the year –
    Career Night/Day,
    Resident Living Library
    Career Counselling Sessions

  • Manage and promote student wellness resources (including counselling, Doctor’s Nova Scotia support program, Doctor’s New Brunswick support program, etc)

  • Represent/support student(s) at committees and events

  • Member of the Wellness Week team with DMSS Sports and Wellness Rep, VP External Jr., President of Med1 class, President of Med2 class.

  • Attend monthly meetings with Assistant Dean and Director of Student Affairs of their respective campus (applies to Med1 and Med2 SAWLs)
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Maya Kovacs:
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Joanna Mader:
Willem Blois: wb@Dal.Ca
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Mike MacGillivray: Michael.MacGillivary@Dal.Ca
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