Clerkship Accommodation Guidelines

Clerkship Track/Location Accommodation

Your Student Affairs offices maintain learner privacy around personal and health information. We are therefore the office you bring any accommodation request to.

Requesting a specific Clerkship Track or Location is 1 of 3 formal Accommodation categories assisted through the Student Affairs Offices at DMNS & DMNB.

The 1st and 2nd forms of Accommodation within the Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Program are for:

1.  The Learning Environment generally


2.  Exam settings and processes, respectively.

Below is the link to the posted UGME policy governing all types of formal Accommodations.

The spirit of the Faculty of Medicine Clerkship Accommodation policy is to provide equity in the learning experience - understanding:

  • clinical training is mandatory in medical school,  
  • you have a known anticipated basis for the request, 
  • Dalhousie is a distributed program, and you must demonstrate exceptional circumstances or the presence of a clear limitation or altered ability corrected by track or location choice.

The intent of formal Accommodation is to limit harm, distress or disadvantage, not to address ordinary life circumstances or choices. 

To request a Clerkship Accommodation outline:

               1. your health, learning or personal problem

              2. any prior learning environment or exam accommodations

              3. the impact on your ability to perform clinically or academically in Med 3

Student Affairs will request further information or meet in person as necessary.                                               

Review or Appeal of the decision could include further evaluation by the Dalhousie Accessibility Centre. Link below.