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Maintaining high-quality medical education in the Maritimes

Dalhousie Medical School’s undergraduate medical education program is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)—the accrediting bodies of North American medical schools.

In February 2017, the medical school’s MD program will go through another accreditation review by CACMS and LCME. Leading up February 2017, the medical school’s faculty, medical students and staff will take part in a systemic evaluation of the undergraduate medical education curriculum.

Making accreditation a collaborative process

Our students, faculty and staff all have a role in keeping the MD program accredited. As the most important certification a medical school must maintain, the entire medical school community becomes involved in the process, whether through the Data Collection Instrument, the Independent Student Analysis or the Medical School Self-Study.

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