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Preparing For Accreditation

A collaborative effort

There are three main components to accreditation: the Data Collection Instrument (DCI), the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) and the Medical School Self-Study (MSS). They're reflective exercises completed ahead of the CACMS and LCME site visit that involve students, faculty and staff, and will identify our MD program's strengths and areas for improvement.

Data Collection Instrument: The DCI consists of questions and narrative responses to each of the 12 accreditation standards. These are answered by individuals most knowledgeable in these topics.

Independent Student Analysis: As with all accreditation visits, an ISA is completed by a medical school's student body. This is a student-led review of the MD program, individual units and curriculum, student support services and the learning environment.

Students will also meet with accreditation surveyors during the February 2017 site visit.

Medical School Self-Study: When completed, the DCI, ISA and other supporting documents such as the most recent graduate questionnaire are brought to the medical school self-study task force and its sub-committees. Based on these documents and input from the medical school community, these committees create their own reports, which are then put together into one institutional report: the MSS. Faculty, students and staff have broad input into the MSS.

The MSS, ISA, graduate questionnaire and the completed DCI will be submitted to the accreditation survey team three months prior to their February 2017 site visit.

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