What Is Accreditation?

The most important certification for a medical school

Accreditation affects a medical school at all levels. While it focuses on a school's MD program, it should be thought of as an ongoing exercise in institutional quality improvement. By staying accredited, Dalhousie Medical School can continue to graduate top-quality physicians, offer residency training programs in family medicine and specialty fields, improve health care and patient outcomes in the Maritimes and conduct research that's relevant to the region's health priorities.

Reviewing the medical school's MD program

We want our learners and educators to have an MD program that they can be proud of, and one that meets national standards. That's why we're welcoming a panel of national peers and medical education experts from CACMS and LCME in February 2017 to review every component our MD program.

CACMS and LCME will base our MD program on 12 standards that focus on:

  • mission, planning, organization and integrity
  • leadership and administration
  • academic and learning environments
  • faculty preparation, productivity, participation and policies
  • educational resources and infrastructure
  • competencies, curricular objectives and curricular design
  • curricular content
  • curricular management, evaluation and enhancement
  • teaching, supervision, assessment and student and patient safety
  • medical student selection, assignment and progress
  • medical student academic support, career advising and records
  • medical student health services, personal counseling and financial aid services

Find out how we're preparing for accreditation.