Survey team visits Dalhousie Medical School

Dalhousie Medical School's accreditation site visit is scheduled for February 2017. During the visit, an accreditation survey team will be developing findings around the 12 standards and specific elements all Canadian medical schools are subject to. These findings will be based off of three days of interviews with faculty, staff and students.

At the end of the survey visit, a summary of the team's findings is presented to the medical school and university leadership. The survey team does not make recommendations or decisions regarding a school's accreditation status -- this is determined by CACMS and LCME.

Accreditation decision and outcomes

The accreditation survey team's report will go through two, separate rounds of review: one by CACMS, then one by LCME. Both CACMS and LCME will review the survey report and formulate a decision on the program's accreditation status. Following this, a joint CACMS/LCME decision on the medical school's accreditation status will be determined.

As a result of these reviews by CACMS and LCME, a medical school's accreditation status may be:

  • granted or renewed for an eight-year period (some standards may require additional follow-up)
  • placed on probation, requiring substantial follow-up
  • withdrawn if a program is not adequately training medical students